“Silent Hills Cab is our favorite Sunday night wine, when after a big day of cycling, we will grill up a hearty, healthy meal of salmon or steak with tons of veggies and a crusty loaf.  Yum!  Thank you!”

Loren and Susan Humphrey, Seal Beach, CA

“We have enjoyed both the 2006 and 2008 Cabernets from Silent Hills this year – a great find!  Both of these wines are even better after decanting for at least 30 minutes.   Worth the wait, which fully presents the Blackberry, Dark Cherry and Cassis flavors, combined with Leather and Coffee notes on the finish .  Nice acid balance and will only improve during the next few years.  Looking forward to the next release!”

Fred and Brenda Hipp, St. Helena, CA

“We are BIG fans of Silent Hills Cabernet Sauvignon.  It’s perfectly smooth with silky fruit.  We brought the 2006 to share with friends who served it right away.  It was nicely paired with an assortment of Italian meats and cheeses (Yum!), and a nice complement to the main course of roast beef, garlic mashed potatoes and grilled veggies.  Good thing we brought the magnum.  Perfect!!”

M&W Roelandts, Los Altos Hills, CA

“We like buying local produce, so finding a wonderful red wine at a very reasonable price made the Silent Hills Cabernet a triple winner (and I am not usually a red wine drinker!)!”

Pam Rawls, Los Altos, CA

“I have enjoyed various vintages of Silent Hills Cabernet over the past couple of years.  I recently served several bottles of two different vintages of the Cabernet at a large party that was attended by several people in the wine industry.  Although the Silent Hills Cabs were not known to even the wine professionals, we compared them on their merits against at least a half-dozen extremely well known and highly rated local wines, and the Silent Hills Cabs immediately became both the talk of the party and a favorite of the party goers.  Each vintage I have tried has been distinct, a fact that I very much like, yet every Silent Hills wine I have served has never failed to impress both me and my guests.  “

Jim Barnes, Santa Rosa, California August 2013

“Silent Hills is a local wine from Los Altos Hills that compares extremely favorably with many of the upper end CA cabernets that you will find”

Bob Howells, Los Altos Hills, CA

“We really enjoyed the 2005 Silent Hills Cabernet.  We opened it right away and it was a very drinkable, enjoyable wine.  We also cellared a few bottles and it developed into a very smooth wine with soft tannins.  Love drinking on its own and it also has paired terrifically with roasted chicken and grilled steaks.”

Nate Kalowski, Newton, MA
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